What Makes Your Posts Shareable?

It’s rare that you’ll hit on that magic combination of emotion, relatability and perfect timing that makes a post go viral. But there are a few ways to help your posts to reach more pet owners.


I recently designed this post for my good client at Passing Paws Pet Cremations (the most compassionate and professional service operated by a beautiful family right here in WA!).

Although not ‘viral’ in a global sense, this was one of our best performing posts of the year. Within a week it had been shared 78 times on Facebook.

So—why was it so popular? In the simplest terms, bereaved pet owners were able to see themselves in that image. (Side note: I created this image very easily in CANVA using stock photos and some simple editing techniques).

Pet owners want to feel as though you understand them and that the message is personally directed to them. 

When a post is highly relatable, people want to share that understanding with their friends and family. “Look—this is exactly how I feel.”


Other successful posts I have created for clients include those with videos or animations accompanied by uplifting or nostalgic music—perfect for creating Reels and Stories. (CANVA has an extensive library of video and audio clips for you to choose from too.)


Humour is another way to get more shares. I use memes for a number of my clients however I play it safe by using wholesome and family-friendly images.

This meme was shared extensively after I posted it on a few different client pages.

We have a social media advantage in our industry – lots of cute puppies and kittens! There’s a reason why patient pics get shared so much and it’s purely emotional. 

Next time you are looking to attract more followers to your page or share an important message, put yourself in the shoes of your ‘ideal client’ (more about this in the next blog) and try to think of ways that you can use different media to connect with them.

Happy posting!