Top 5 Facebook Posts For Vets

Since I started creating Facebook posts for vets 6 years ago I’ve been plotting my social media strategies based on the reports provided by Facebook Insights. When a post attracts a lot of attention it’s obvious, but when I review my clients’ page performance at the end of each month…

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Social Media Trolls – How To Handle The Hate

I've noticed a lot of discussions online lately about the increasing amount of trolling on veterinary social media pages. It's heartbreaking to see, especially when 99% of the criticism is unfounded and undeserved. Even when there are legitimate grounds for a complaint, the tone and delivery is nothing short of…

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Social Media Content Planning

It’s the end of the month and time for me to do my social media calendars for September. It takes a little time, but having my clients’ content mapped out and scheduled for a month in advance makes it so much easier! There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank Facebook…

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Making Hashtags Work For Your Business

Hashtags - we’ve all seen them or used them in our social media posts. However many of us use hashtags at the bottom of our social media posts without really understanding why.  Using hashtags in the correct way can attract more views to your posts and drive more traffic to…

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