Top 5 Facebook Posts For Vets

Since I started creating Facebook posts for vets 6 years ago I’ve been plotting my social media strategies based on the reports provided by Facebook Insights. When a post attracts a lot of attention it’s obvious, but when I review my clients’ page performance at the end of each month I get a birds-eye view of the different types of posts and how they rate against each other.  

Not all of my Facebook posts are going to hit the sweet spot. But reviewing the reach and engagement stats each month helps me to trial different themes and experiment with content that resonates with pet owners. Now I’d like to share those findings with you.

Here are my Top 5 Performing Facebook posts for Vets:

  1. Patient photos are social media gold and there’s only one other type of content that tops them – patients being held by smiling, caring team members. I understand that some of us are a little camera shy, but in my experience it’s these photos that are most successful at building familiarity and trust with your clients.

  2. Interesting cases with radiographs, photos of foreign bodies, dental ‘before and after’ pics….it’s all fascinating ‘behind-the-scenes’ content that pet owners love to learn about.

  3. Community support – Wildlife rescue, stray cat adoption, fundraisers for animal rescue. I know that you all do it, so please don’t be shy about telling your followers. Many of them will want to help and get involved, and your community appreciates you!

  4. Pet health warnings and infographics. They are eye-catching, easy to digest and very shareable.

  5. Promotional posts. It is possible to advertise your services in a way that is informative and useful to your clients without coming across as being spammy. If there is a problem that you can help with, tell your followers. Use humour, compassion and caring to tell them about a valuable service that you provide. 

I hope these insights prove to be useful. Intersperse the serious content with a little light relief and you’ll have a dedicated following in no time. I encourage you to review your Facebook Insights each month to see which of your posts have the furthest reach and the highest engagement. Analysing your social media performance allows you to post content that is relevant and meaningful to your followers. As always, if you need some guidance I’m here to help! 

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