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The trusty reminder is historically one of the most valuable tools in your client retention kit.

In the last decade or so, technology has given us further flexibility, cost savings and speed of delivery. The traditional letter or postcard that used to take up to five days to deliver has been superceded by email and sms in many veterinary clinics across Australia. In addition to the ease, speed and cost benefits associated with electronic delivery, the convenience and environmental benefits help to make this method more acceptable to our clients.

This also means that the days of tacking a postcard to the fridge with a magnet or leaving it on the kitchen bench are long gone. Unfortunately sms messages and emails can be easily read and forgotten, or pushed to the bottom of the inbox by incoming messages. We are competing for our client’s attention in a world of information overload and we only have a few seconds to convey the importance of our message.

How does your practice stack up?

Rate your practice reminders process with our FREE health check scorecard. With a few simple actions you can improve client compliance, strengthen the relationship you have with your clients and patients and increase your revenue. 


Review your existing reminder parameters to look at what is working and what is not.


Refresh and update the easiest parts first. A small change can make a big difference!
Test, measure, then test again.


Be available to your clients – answer questions and offer advice in clinic, connect
through social media posts, update with newsletters and keep your website
content current.


Instil good habits in your team for checking overdue services at admission, discharge
and in consults.


Measure how well your changes have worked so that you can modify your approach
and celebrate your successes!


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