86% of customers say an emotional connection with a customer service agent would make them continue to do business with the company.


Would your practice benefit from an increase in reminder conversion rates leading to an improvement in your ratio of reminders to consult bookings?

We can boost your client compliance and reminder conversion rate with a professional, friendly service call to your clients for high value services such as dental, routine surgeries, renewal of health care plans or as a reminder to your overdue or inactive clients.


Reminder calls are not just about booking appointments. We want to help you stay connected with your clients and patients, fostering the trusted relationship you have with them. We’ll check on patient status, answer general questions about preventative health care, update contact details, provide information about relevant services and offers (such as Puppy Preschool) and follow up with helpful information emails.

We’ll work with you to understand your schedule management policies and booking guidelines prior to calling, so that we can seamlessly integrate with your team.

Most importantly we’ll provide you with detailed reporting and analysis at the end of the campaign, allowing you to adapt your strategy and focus on the campaigns that deliver the best returns on your outbound calling investment.

  • Vaccination and Proheart reminders
  • Arthritis injections
  • Desexing 
  • Blood Tests
  • Puppy Preschool


Dental treatments are a vital component of overall patient care and are essential for a thriving practice. However many veterinary practices admit that they are underperforming on dentals and that they don’t know how to improve client compliance.

Having discussions about money can be an uncomfortable experience for those in a care-giving profession. Veterinary nurses may feel reluctant to ask for dental bookings for fear of rejection or offending the client. 

At Waggy Dog we act in the best interests of the patient and the client, making an ethical recommendation based on the estimate provided by their veterinarian.

We have the knowledge, skills and sensitivity to be able to listen to the client’s concerns, and to provide reassurance and relevant information prior to booking the procedure.

Improve your estimate to booking conversion ratio by outsourcing to an industry professional who understands your clients and is a passionate advocate for patient dental health.


These days most reminders are sent electronically, which is more efficient and less costly. However tacking the reminder letter to the fridge is no longer an option for pet owners and routine services such as vaccinations and health checks are sometimes forgotten.

We’ll call your overdue and inactive clients to check on the status of their pets, update contact details and recommend a visit to the vet. 

We’ve found that clients are very receptive to these calls and welcome the follow up. Even if a client has simply moved to a different area, the care shown by a follow up call leaves a lasting impression. Your database will be updated, giving you the opportunity to subscribe your client to newsletters and to reach out again if needed.


Veterinary health care plans are an effective way to improve customer loyalty and compliance while delivering substantial savings for pet owners. However they require significant resources to administer both operationally and financially.

At Waggy Dog we are experienced in following up expired plans due for renewal and identifying clients who would benefit from having their pet on a health care plan. 

Our approach is to deliver the benefits of the plan in a way that demonstrates meaningful value to the client, and is considerate of the patient’s specific needs based on recent patient history and invoices.

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