Instagram Highlight Reels

Although Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours, they can be archived into Highlight Reels that followers can browse at any time. Sorting your Stories into easy to view folder sections helps clients to find the information and services that they need, and learn more about your practice in an engaging and entertaining format. 

How to Create Highlight Reels

Positioned front and centre on your Instagram profile page, Highlight Reels are easy to create. If you have the Archive option activated, you can select Stories from your page’s history. Simply visit your profile page, click Story Highlights below your bio, and hit the ‘+’ sign to add a new highlight. Then select the Stories that wish to add to your reel.
You can also add Highlights from active stories by opening the story and tapping ‘Highlight’ at the bottom of the screen. 


Highlight Covers

Having consistently branded Highlight covers will help your brand to stand out and attract followers to click on your reels. Canva has an extensive suite of templates for creating covers (see below) but if you are time poor, Waggy Dog can set these up for you at a minimal cost.

Check out some of your favourite Instagram pages to see how they are presenting their Story Highlights, then start organising your Highlights and keep them working for you!