Call To Action – The Shameless Art Of Self Promotion

Although we are primarily caregivers, veterinary practices are still businesses. Without generating visits we can’t continue to deliver the high standards of care that our patients deserve. So how can we encourage our clients to use our service without sounding insensitive or spammy?

Enter => the humble Call To Action

What is a Call To Action?

A Call To Action (or CTA) is a phrase accompanied by a hyperlink or button that tells the reader what to do next. For example “Click Here” or “Read More” or “Subscribe to our newsletter for more pet care tips and advice”. 

Provide Value

Social media is the perfect channel for sharing your expertise to a wider audience. 

Your case studies, stories, tips and advice help to educate pet owners and give them a tangible take away in return for taking the time to read your post.

Make it easy to take the next step

What if your reader recognises signs or symptoms in their own pet? What should they do? We want them to book a consultation with our vets, not go somewhere else. 

By adding a Call To Action we are making it easier for clients to get treatment for their pets. 

Encourage pet owners to visit your website or make a phone call with one click
Providing easy directions saves them time and they will thank you for it. 

Tracking and Measurement

Call To Action links are also measurable, allowing us to gauge the effectiveness of our marketing messages. Google Analytics will tell us where our clicks came from, which pages they visited and how long they spent on your site. 

Learn which types of content generate the most engagement from your followers and adjust your plan accordingly. 

In summary, your expertise builds credibility and trust. By making it easy for your followers to take action for their pet’s health you are doing them a service, not spamming them. You definitely don’t want to add a CTA to every single post, but sometimes adding a “Book Online” link can be a natural conclusion to a solid piece of veterinary advice.

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