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Appointment Setting

Improve your reminder conversion rates significantly with a friendly service call to your overdue clients.

Reminder calls are not just about booking appointments. We want to help you stay connected with your clients and patients, fostering the trusted relationship you have with them. We’ll check on patient status, answer general questions about preventative health care, update contact details, provide information about relevant services and offers (such as Puppy Preschool) and follow up with helpful information emails. Communication notes and appointment bookings are entered directly into your practice management system so there is no double handling. We’ll work with you to understand your schedule management policies and booking guidelines prior to calling, so that we can seamlessly integrate with your team.

  • Vaccination and Proheart reminders
  • Arthritis injections
  • Desexing¬†
  • Puppy Preschool
  • Dental estimate follow ups

Client Satisfaction Surveys

Online surveys can be an effective way to find out what clients think about your services. Sometimes however, clients find it easier to talk to a real person.

We’ll call your clients to follow up on recently provided services, or to find out why they haven’t visited recently.

Service calls are a great way to invite honest and detailed feedback and to implement retention measures for the future.


Clinic promotions such as dental month, desexing and senior’s month can offer significant savings for your clients.

We’ll call clients who you think would benefit the most from a promotional offer and make sure that they don’t miss out on potential savings and premium healthcare for their pet.¬†


Mystery Shopping

Whether you want a customer service assessment for your team, or perhaps to find out what your competitors are charging, let us make the call. We’ll provide a full comparative analysis of pricing, service and overall experience.

Content Marketing

Your website content should be kept fresh and up to date so that visitors are interested and engaged, and keep coming back to your site.

Attract new clients and improve your SEO rankings by adding regular articles and blogs to your website. We’ll research and write relevant and informative articles that drive traffic to your website and coincide with key events on your marketing calendar.

Promote articles on social media and in newsletters, then monitor your Google Analytics for measurable results.

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Sales and Service Training

We recognise that most veterinary teams love nothing more than to delight their customers and to help them whenever they can. Sometimes though, ‘selling’ can seem daunting to professionals who joined the industry to be care-givers. And that’s ok!

We can help put the fun back into sales with a focus on service. Your team members will feel comfortable delivering superior client and patient care and growing your practice, without feeling as if they are being pushy.

Reporting and Analysis

Through outbound calling we will deliver instant, tangible and affordable results to your practice. We’ll provide detailed reporting and analysis for each campaign we run for your practice, including call answer rates, conversion to bookings and reasons for deferment or refusal. Review the success of your promotions and seasonal offers year on year and make changes according to your clients’ feedback.

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